Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Twenty-four weeks of training.  That's where I'm at.  Twenty-four weeks, of pain, suffering, blood sweat and tears.  YEAH BAABY (Insert Mike Myers Voice over)

Its funny how different the perceptions are. The conversation often goes something like:  So you're training for what, an Ironman.  How many miles is that?  After you explain the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run, you usually get some very interesting responses.  Some say, that's amazing.  Some say, well I could do the bike part, even though they haven't ridden a real bike in years.  I've heard, wow, so I guess it takes a lot of training to get to that.  My favorite response... in one way shape or form is:  "That's just  #@~%^&* NUTS!

What people do not understand, that this really is not a hobby, its a lifestyle. This past Saturday, on our morning ride, I was told by three women, "I hate you"  all before 10:00 am. I must be doing something right!

We love comparing training plans, and teaming up to conquer those long miles on the bike or run.  We compare everything, from bicycle tires to anti-chafing remedies.  We stare at our computers or phones to see what our friends are doing when they are racing.  We can feel their anguish and pain when we see their splits coming in slower than expected.  We cheer from afar when we see they've finished no matter what their time is!

We have to remember to not sweat the small stuff.  We are truly lucky to be doing this together.  I was running last night, and saw a little girl on her pink bike, with her pink helmet, just riding around the neighborhood.  It had rained really hard earlier that afternoon and there were lots of puddles.  I watched her riding slowly and making sure she went through all of the puddles splashing away.  She had the biggest smile on her face.  Remember, at least once a week, leave the Garmin home.  Just run, run for the sheer pleasure of running.  Ride through that puddle or run through that sprinkler.  Let the little kid inside come out to play!

Embrace the pain of training, embrace the anguish on the race course when we get passed.  Cross that finish line and all is forgotten.  If something happens and we don't cross that line, learn from the experience, and push on!

I'm doing my best to stay within my training plan and not do more, or go faster even though at times I know I can.  Twenty-four weeks is a long time and a lot can go wrong, but I am only going to focus on the positive.  Oh sure, I may rant from time to time, and you will certainly hear me say something hurts somewhere, but I will do my best to remain positive and upbeat.  If you ever feel I'm being negative, please call me out on it, right here.  Tell me to lighten up, help me reframe my thoughts.  That's the power of the pack!  I'll do the same for you.

Remember let the little kid inside come out to play!