Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Crew: Let's talk about "The Goof"

Making a toast to one of your close friends, its like being asked to have conjugal relations with the Queen, sure its a great honor, but what do you say?  Now that I have your attention, you can tell the approach I will take for this one.  But seriously, would you expect anything less when talking about someone who calls himself the "Iron Goof".

If you don't know, let me introduce to you, Brad "Iron Goof" Minus.

"The Iron Goof" at Gasparilla
Brad and I met two years ago as we were getting ready for St Anthony's.  We fast became friends, and have trained together most weekends for two plus years now.  We've had good races, so-so races, and each have had our challenging races.

During Ironman Florida 2011, I couldn't come up to Panama City to cheer and volunteer as planned.  But let me tell you I was glued to my tablet and my laptop, all day checking his splits.  I even saw him come out of the water on the live video feed.    I remember Nick and I watching his splits on the bike, and we knew he was have a challenging day in the wind.  Anne was calling and texting me with visual updates, and let me know he was off the bike.  He had plenty of time to finish the marathon portion of the event.  On the run, I could tell he had come to play, and the first few splits he looked strong.  But then the technology gods were angered, and we didn't get an update for a long time.  Was Brad, walking, injured or just hurting.  We didn't know, and let me tell you, my heart was beating as if I was out on the course with him.  I couldn't get hold of Anne, her phone was dead.  All we could do was wait.  I had the live feed of the finish line on my laptop, looking for a handful of people.  Still no split time on Brad.  I was worried, I knew how hard he had worked to get there, and and we were willing him to the finish.

I walked away for a second, but could hear the announcer say:   "Brad Minus, from Tampa, Brad, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN"  I remember feeling as if for a moment I was there!

Brad, never brags about his Ironman accomplishment.  I tell him he needs to more.  Brad is certainly very passionate, especially about running.  Just ask him a question, but make sure you have time for the answer.  I outweigh him by 40 - 50 pounds, but I can still take him on the bike, but not on the run, not even close.  He has that competitive spirit when we run.  Even on my best days, when I'm feeling good, he just has an extra gear that I can't match.

Brad will always be there to help a friend.  On more than one occasion, Brad has been there for me.  When my mother was in the TGH Emergency Room all day and into the night, Brad was there.  When she was in hospice, and we were there day and night, Brad brought food for my entire family one afternoon.

If I had to describe Brad in one sentence:  "Brad will do anything for a friend!"

IRONMAN Florida is fast approaching.  I can't wait to be at the finish line with him and Jamie.  Like I said before, who gets there first, doesn't matter.

Brad "Iron Goof" Minus, Jamie: AKA "The Whiner"
and Me, Big Pete   REV3 70.3, Oct 2012