Thursday, May 30, 2013

Don't think... just run!

REASONS... We all have them.  We have them when we sign up for a race.  We have them when we wake up before dawn to swim, bike, run or just hit the gym.  We have them when we miss a workout too.  Oh, we have reasons, some are better than others.  Some make sense, some are legitimate and some are B*||$%{#!

I looked at my training plan last night and this morning, and just thought to myself, there's no way I can get it all in today.  Work, training, work, training.  I'm lucky that some of my work IS training.  But I just can't, I don't have the time to get it all in today.  Then I agreed to teach extra spin class.  Don't look, don't think about it, just take it one workout at a time, and we'll see what happens.

Oh yeah, spin class number one, with the South Tampa crowd.  I had an hour to kill between class and a scheduled meeting.  Who needs lunch, let's get in the pool.  One mile, no pull buoy, no kick board, no watch, just swim.  Time for a quick shower then on to a meeting.

Time flies, all of a sudden its 6:00 pm and time to go back to the gym for spin class number two.  The regulars are there, its always good to see some friendly faces.  Class is done, and I'm drenched in sweat.  I'm tired, I'm hungry, my calf hurts.  My mind is coming up with the reasons, or excuses.  I'll run tomorrow.  Its getting late, right.  A few keystrokes on the gym computer, I am so ready to go home I have my car keys in my hand but I can't do it, I can't leave.  There's no valid reason not to run.  Back into the locker room, change into some running gear.  Just start running, don't think, just run.  No iPod just run, don't look at the watch just run.  Its a familiar route, I've run it more times than I know.  The afternoon thundershowers have cooled things down, but its also rather steamy out, who cares, just run.

Four and half miles went by in no time at all.  I did it, I completed everything on my training plan for the day, plus a little more, when I really started the day thinking there's no way I could.  I am sore, I'm hungry, but I feel great.  I know for a fact had I skipped that run, I would have been on the couch angry at myself, and stressing over when I was going to make it up.  Never has an ice bath, protein drink and handful of Advil, been so welcomed.

I know there will be days when I don't complete everything on plan for the day, but it will be for a good reason not a conjured up one.  Until next time my friends, don't think, just run!