Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yes I have Feelings

Feelings, by definition, are an emotional state or reaction.  Iron, is a metal, an element, hard, unmovable, certainly not emotional even in a metaphorical sense.

This new blog, is not a training log.  There are plenty of those around.  Most of you know where to find me any given morning or evening for a run, ride, swim or strength training session.  This blog is to highlight the feelings and emotions that come from all of the training.  

Interestingly, someone yesterday mentioned how I have the drive to do an Ironman.  Someone else asked me the all encompassing question, WHY?

My only answer is my Uncle Pat, or "Paddy" as he was affectionately called.  Pasquale Amedure, was an amazing coach who touched the lives of thousands of people over the years.  He was a baseball coach and athletic director at colleges that don't show up on ESPN.  Schools like Kingsborough Community College, and Long Island University.  Uncle Paddy, was the uncle who would tighten his stomach and say:  "punch me, come on, hit me".  He was a tough guy among his players, and his nephews.  He was a big teddy bear with his nieces.  But he was a grizzly bear when it came to his family.  Uncle Paddy, was the one you called when you got in trouble, because no matter what, he was on your side.  He would also know before I knew if I was in trouble.  Teachers at Brooklyn Tech, called him, not my father when I was cutting class or otherwise sidestepping the rules.  This was usually met with a real Brooklyn style verbal dress down or a slap across the head, followed by the way to fix the problem. I remember getting pulled over in Dyker Heights Brooklyn, by a police officer for going too fast.  The officer looked at my drivers license, handed it back to me and said:  "I'm not writing you a ticket, but I am telling your Uncle!"  I would have prefered the ticket.

Uncle Paddy passed away in 1995 very unexpectedly.  At his memorial service, hundreds of people showed up from all over the country including several major league baseball players.  More than one told me stories about how Uncle Paddy had pushed them, helped them, gotten them out of trouble and made them better men.

I'm about the same size and build as he.  I've been told I look like him in certain photographs.  My father says I act like him, and have his "temperament".  I can only TRI to live up to such lofty expectations.

Uncle Paddy taught me to dive for that live drive even if I knew it was out of reach.  He told me that you play to the end no matter what the score, to run through the finish line no matter what the clock says, and to never, ever quit!

Over the next 51 weeks of training for IRONMAN Florida, there will be great times and dark times ahead. I wish Uncle Paddy was still around to coach me.  However, I do hear his voice in my head in every race I have ever done.

There will be all sorts of feelings and emotions that I will have. I will do my best to share them with you.