Monday, November 26, 2012

Its beginning to feel a lot like ________

Thanksgiving, food, fun, football, followed by the furious follies of the faithful to the mall or other various retailers.  (Sorry I was practicing my alliteration  and couldn't come up with another F word, without well using the F word)  Did you know the stores are open, in some cases before the final football game of the day.  I mean, what has this world come to?  I was still working on my alcohol buzz and upcoming food coma, and people were shopping!  Its just wrong.

I started a new tradition for Black Friday, a couple of years ago and have had a few friends follow along.  I teach a special two hour spin class beginning at 5:45 am at the gym.  Its pretty intense ride.    During the class, I will dissect the traditional Thanksgiving meal, and let everyone know how long they will have to spin their legs in order to burn it off.  Yes, its kinda cruel. Now two hours on a spin bike really shouldn't be all that difficult, especially when I'm used to riding for hours on end, but it was pretty hard even for me.  I truly appreciate the friends that come to that ride, as they keep me going.  I may be sitting there looking out into the class, shouting my famous, "DON'T LET GO" and seeing a friendly face helps.  Sometimes, those faces are grimaces, with a half a smile.  Sometimes, I will say:  "That's the face I wanted to see" and smile back.

I did manage to get in some real training this weekend.  Saturday was High Intensity Intervals on the bike.  Five of us braved a chilly start to the day. Donning our cold weather gear and sunglasses we set out.  It was intense, but totally fun!  A new record was set, as Jamie told me she hated me before we even started.  I love it!  Usually that doesn't happen for at least an hour into a workout.  Over the next few weeks, I will introduce you to many of the A-Train crew, as I will be mentioning them often.  

Sunday, was a decent tempo run along Bayshore, followed by breakfast.  Have I mentioned I LOVE breakfast.  This is where the Holiday feelings started.  I noticed a few people wearing the most hideous sweaters.  I'm talking sweaters so ugly (how ugly were they____) I'm talking so ugly that you wouldn't wear it at a race start in sub-freezing temperatures even though you planned on taking it off and throwing it away within the first mile.

Then of course, the Holiday music has begun.  Its November 25th and I'm already tired of it.  I mean really, I'm at the point I want to see the little drummer boy on a milk carton!  

Yes, its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  We have a lot to do over the holiday season together.  Family, friends and let's train hard but have some fun, and not forget to stop and sniff the super glue.