Thursday, December 20, 2012

Athletes who get "REAL CLOSE"

Do you have a training partner?  Are you part of a group or Tri Club that trains together?  I know as part of the A-Train, there are many of us, and we get very familiar with each other.  There's always a few who get really close. Hell, we run together or ride together for hours.  We even shower together. Yes, its a public outdoor shower by the beach, but you get the idea. We get VERY CLOSE.

We have conversations we just can't have with regular people.  You know which conversations I'm talking about.  "Hey, my bike shorts, well they just aren't that comfortable, what should I do?"  "I'm allergic to that stuff, I get all red, you know, down there!"  My particular favorite (we'll keep the names out of this) was one morning after 3 hours in the saddle, I asked, how are you feeling?  The reply:  "Like I've been gang raped in the @$$."

When I ride with Beth, the Mistress of Bayshore,  there is never a ride, I don't slide up next to her bike, and say:  "Beth, I have to tell you... MY @$$ HURTS!"  You just can't say things like that to regular people.  Athletes have no problem talking about chaffing remedies, and find discussing penile numbness acceptable dinner table conversation.

We are proud of our bruises and scars.  You know you have at least one photo on your phone where you buttocks is purple and skinned.  Forget the photos, you gladly pulled your shorts down to show everyone, oblivious to the fact that you just mooned everyone, including the nice older couple in the parking lot.

As funny as all of this is, we really do get close.  We form friendships out on the road and in the gym.  We share towels, water bottles and protein drinks. People ask questions, like, are you two together, or dating?  Often the answer is no, we just work out and are together all the time.  Sometimes those same two people, actually do become a couple.  Then they start referring to each other as the "SO".  We even have one couple, two of the original members of the A-Train that are now shopping for baby furniture.  You never know!

We are there for each other, no matter what.  We're a team, we're a club, we are a family!