Sunday, December 9, 2012

Remember the Lazy Little Bird

Have you ever heard of the story of the little bird that didn't have time to work out?  This lazy little bird decided he didn't have time to exercise, so when it started getting cold and all his friends flew south for the winter, he decided to it would be easier to just stay behind. He really didn't have time to fly south anyway.

Well the weather got colder, and colder and eventually the little bird came to the conclusion he may have made a mistake.  He started, flying south frantically, in a effort to get to warmer weather, but ran into a storm.  The fact was he was just too out of shape to make the trip.  He found himself falling out of the sky.  He landed in a field, in a snow bank.  He sat there freezing to death, and just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, and cow walked by and crapped on the little bird.  

Well this certainly is the end, he thought, but suddenly felt warmer.  As a matter of fact, he felt so good, he began to chirp a happy tune.  Just then a cat was walking along the fence, suddenly jumped to the sound of the chirping.  He dug through the snow and manure, found the little bird, cleaned him off and ate him!

  • Everyone who craps on you, isn't necessarily your enemy
  • Everyone who digs you out of the crap, isn't necessarily your friend
  • And finally... if your warm and happy in a pile of $%!# keep your mouth shut!
Oh yeah... Most importantly, DON'T SKIP YOUR WORKOUTS!
Yes, its that time of year that we are extremely busy.  We are running all over the place, and may feel we don't have the time to get that workout in today. Now, I'm not saying don't take a rest day.   We need those.  We also need some down time, to enjoy our friends and family.

It is still important to keep our workout schedule, even though we are in "off-season" mode, or don't have a race anytime soon.  Today's workouts do a few things.  They keep us in the rhythm of working out.  Getting up early, is a terrible shock to the system if you don't do it regularly, then suddenly January 2nd try to "hit it hard" again.  Our workouts this time of year should be FUN! Running or riding with friends reinvigorates us.  Keeps us motivated, and reinforces our good habits in the face of the pressure from others to slow down.

Our workouts may not be as intense or as long duration as we did a before the holidays, but keep the momentum going.  No one wants to be the lazy little bird.