Friday, April 5, 2013

Two Hundred, Ten!

Two hundred, ten! Two hundred ten days, until IRONMAN Florida in Panama City, FL.  If you are registered for it too, I bet that got your heart pumping.

Focus, focus.  I know I have been lacking in focus in my training lately.  My good friend Brad, the "Iron Goof" said the same thing in his blog.  Brad, was shocked I hadn't signed up for St Anthony's Triathlon at the end of the month.  So he and Nick dialed up the pressure, and guess what, I'm in.  I know it won't be a PR, but that's not the point.  I knew that if I hadn't signed up, I'd be on the sidelines and very grumpy about it come race day.

The fact is I need to get into a race, just to know I still got it.  Please be kind, especially if you see me on the side during the run heaving up my lungs.  I do give you the right to slap me on the ass if you pass me and I'm walking!

So here I go, kicking off the race season with St Anthony's Triathlon in St Petersburg, FL.  It is a great race, and looking forward to hanging out with everyone, and seeing a really stacked field of professionals.

That's right, when your training feels a little flat, sign up for a race that's three weeks away!  BRILLIANT!  Let's see, what are some other good ideas, oh yes, sign up for a Half Ironman!  Sure, did that too!  Ironman Augusta 70.3 in September, here I come.

What every athlete needs, is passion, drive and some real supportive friends!  I have all of the above.  This season things are a little different.  I'm racing with a purpose and for a cause.

No number of miles I ride or run, will lessen pain of losing my mother.  I can however try to help other people, in her memory, and that is what I am doing.  I am training and racing and raising money for "Little Things for Cancer" and "Miles 4 Hope".  Both organizations helping families that are fighting cancer and brain tumors.

Ironman is a test of strength and determination! Well let me tell you a little something about my mom.  No one was stronger or more determined than her.  She was always there, for everyone in the family, aunts, uncles, cousins no matter what.  She was there, organizing what needed to be done and getting it done herself.  She would move an entire house of furniture around while Dad was at work even with a reluctant young helper, that might have pouted.  She was Harriet Nelson, June Cleaver and Wonder Woman all rolled into one.

In her last days she taught us all one final lesson.  That is just how precious life is, and how you fight with your last ounce of strength for it.  You fight for every breath, you fight for your family with all your heart no matter what, right down to the end.  I will be thinking of her throughout every mile of the 140.6 miles on that day in November.

Please help me get to the start line, and I will do my best to get to the finish line!