Monday, April 8, 2013

The A-Train Crew: The Whiner

I told you I was going to start introducing you to the A-Train crew.  I thought it only fitting to start off with someone who's been around from the beginning.  Someone who has been on the podium more than once.  Someone we affectionately call the WHINER!  Now we had another whiner on the team, but her nickname is Hollywood, but I digress.
Jamie holding Yvonne Van Vlerken
up after her win at Ironman FL 2012

Without further adieu, JAMIE BREIBART, aka:  The Whiner

Jamie and I began training together during the summer of 2011, getting ready for the Nations TRI in Washington, DC.  We started with our Team In Training "buddy runs" on Thursday evenings at Bayshore.  It was a great crew of people.  We've always talked about how close you become training together, and yes, Jamie and I had all sorts of conversations, during those long bike rides, or runs.

A workout isn't complete unless she tells me she hates me at least once.  We've ridden in the rain, and cold, we've run in the blistering heat.  We've logged a lot of pre-dawn miles together.

Jamie Hanging with Lance the night before
Ironman FL 70.3 2012
You can always spot Jamie during a race, donning her Auburn hat.  She always appreciates a loud "WAR EAGLE" as she's running!  During Nation's Tri in 2011, I was running opposite the course from the finish line out trying to catch up to all of my crew.  One of the first spotted was Jamie.  She was giving it everything she had, despite some serious blisters.  I crossed her path, and asked how she was, her reply:  "I feel like $#`%!"  I slapped her on the butt and told her to keep going.  She kept running, and she always does.

At REV3 70.3, last year in Venice, FL, she tried to pick me up on the run.  I had busted out the bike leg, and had nothing left for the run.  (I know, real rookie mistake) I was cramping badly, when she caught me.  Now she turned into the coach,  I managed to stay with her a mile or so, but just couldn't hold on.  I crossed her on the run a couple more times, and found my legs after mile 5.  Exchanging high-fives on the 2 loop out and back course, was just what I needed to maintain a reasonable pace for the second part of the 13.1 miles.

We've been through alot together.  We've seen each other at our best and our worst, whether its training, racing or in our personal lives.  I cannot wait to meet her at the finish line at Ironman, Florida. Who get's there first, won't matter as long as we get there.
The Three Amigos at REV 3 Venice, FL 2012
Brad "Iron Goof" Minus, Jamie "The Whiner" Breibart, Pete

Stay tuned:  Next week, we'll talk about, "The Iron Goof"